Easter Berlin Week 2016

Berlin. Easter Berlin BLF from 23-29 March 2016 and the BLF and BOG clubs are already busy getting ready for one of the Europe’s largest Gay meeting (EASTER F*TISH WEEK).

This week is unique in Europe and is an opportunity to celebrate what we share in common, with a focus on tolerance, community, partying, exchanges and cooperation. For many years now, the EASTER Berlin week is well known around the world. The steadily increasing number of visitors and the enthusiasm of BLF members speak for themselves.

All the events, are step by step modern and further developed to the stättig growing number of younger guests , a platform to offer different gay experience with like-minded people , the colorful lifestyle , away to enjoy from Altag and to experience oneself as part of a tolerant and cosmopolitan European FETISH community.

In 2016, participants can look forward to party's and a Boot Trip , Bus tour and a Breakfast .

: As part of the BLF WEEK at EASTER Berlin, 23 – 29 March 2016, and in cooperation with a number of partners, supporting shops and businesses, the BLF has organised an especially colourful programme for all puppies and their handlers a EASTER PUPPIES SPECIAL.

A central INFO point will be open at Fussenstrasse for info and tickets.
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Easter Berlin 2018

info for the 2018 edition : Berlin Easter 2018


HEAVENUE COLOGNE A new the gay christmas market in Cologne : HEAVENUE COLOGNE , at the Schaafenstrasse Cologne.

Winter Party Festival in Cologne Winter Party Festival in Cologne! 3-Day-Party Marathon from Nov 30th to Dec 2nd called "St. Nicholas Festival 2018"

FOLSOM 2018 Berlin Folsom Europe 15 years of meetings , parties and fun in Berlin . The Street Fair will open its gates September 8th at noon.

Freie Bahn für Genderwahn - Hamburg CSD 2018 Zum 38. HAMBURG PRIDE werden wieder mehr als 300.000 Menschen erwartet. , Unter dem Motto "Freie Bahn für Genderwahn!" findet im August

Berlin CSD Pride 2018 On July 28, 2018, the 40th CSD Berlin draws under the motto "My body - my identity - my life!" through the capital.

Equal Rights for the Unequal! - Lesbian and Gay Festival Berlin Under that slogan Berlin's Regenbogenfonds e.V. will present its 26th annual Lesbian and Gay Festival - Europe's largest.

Messages of love around the world on London Pride 2018 Messages of love around the world on Gay Pride London on Saturday July 7 with the Pride parade and the Trafalgar Square Stage and lot of events in Soho and Vauxhall.